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We help real estate investors understand their business’s financials, freeing them to focus on profit and growth.

G ood clean bookkeeping practices and well managed books greatly enhance the lifeblood of any small business. We are Dave and Laurie Rice, owners of Key Bookkeepers and real estate investors ourselves. Our business lives have been blessed with a few successful start ups. Those experiences have shaped our views of small business management and the role proper bookkeeping provides. Proper bookkeeping allows a clear understanding of your business’s financial strengths and weaknesses. Proper bookkeeping enhances your ability to obtain a business loan. Proper bookkeeping enables your accountant and tax professional to perform their best, providing you with the most useful advice possible. And finally, when your small business becomes successful and is the target of acquisition, proper bookkeeping will greatly increase the value of and ease the sale of your business.


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We Will Help You to Focus on Your Business…

Your time is valuable. Your business requires your attention. Key Bookkeepers will take all of your receipts and invoices and record, classify and reconcile the transactions. We will generate monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements. This will enable you to track the profit and growth of your business.

Our cloud based software has the ability to store receipts and invoices with each transaction. Every time you have a business sale or expense, use your scanner or even your phone to scan and upload the document to our cloud based storage site. Your work is done. We do the rest.

At Key Bookkeepers we take security very seriously and protect your data as if it were our own. The days of storing financial data on your own computer are long past. The cloud is the safest and smartest place for your data. Key Bookkeepers will manage and store your financials in the cloud, where they are protected and safe. Your data will be treated exactly as our own, using the same software and procedures. Of course, you always have access to your data, even via mobile devices.

If you're interested in leveraging your time to grow your business and would like to discuss outsourcing your bookkeeping requirements