How Does Cloud Accounting Software Work?

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November 29, 2017
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How Does Cloud Accounting Software Work?

The evolution of data storage has come a long way from the early days of personal computer use. Until recently, data was stored on a computer’s local hard drive or on some sort of external storage device. Depending on your age you may remember floppy disks, then the smaller 3.5” disks, then tape drives, Zip disks, external hard drives and finally thumb drives. The key relating factor was the data stayed in your immediate possession. And what if there was a fire or a theft? We solved that dilemma by making a copy of the data and moving the data offsite. This all sounded good, yet we were never sure the backup data was even usable if we ever actually needed it.

The cloud has changed everything. Now, instead of local storage your data is stored in the far reaches of the internet. Actually it is still stored on a remote physical server that is always connected to the web. Large companies build enormous computer banks for the express purpose of storing data. For safety and security they have servers located around the world so there is always backup upon backup no matter what might occur. The economies of scale have driven the price of cloud data storage down to the point where it is the only sensible way to protect and preserve your data.

Cloud accounting software takes full advantage of this technology, making your data safe and secure, as well as making it available for you, your employees, your bookkeeper and your tax advisor. The software is even available on mobile devices, making it ridiculously easy to access your up to date financial information as well as to provide receipts and invoices to your virtual bookkeeper.

Key Bookkeepers uses cloud based accounting systems exclusively, and can take care of all of your bookkeeping needs.

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