Email Security – Two Factor Authentication and Why You Should Set It Up

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February 1, 2018

Email Security - Two Factor Authentication and Why You Should Set It Up

Most of my business contacts utilize Gmail. I just read a great article on upgrading your Gmail security and it’s well worth a look. I know Yahoo has similar security available as well.

Gmail has two-factor authentication and it’s pretty easy to set up. Go into the My Account section of your Gmail account and find the security section. You can add extra email addresses or phone numbers as points of access so that when you log into your Gmail account a message is sent. This adds an extra layer of security before you are granted access. I find the easiest is a text message to my primary phone. You set this up on every device where you access your Gmail. Once completed you have the option of not using the two-factor authentication any more on that device. Your devices are all password protected, right? Now you can forget about it. If someone gets your login info and tries to access from a different device they will locked out and you will be notified. This really helps to protect your email from outside access.

Google also give you the option of a list of one time use access codes, which I saved in my LastPass account. So if all my devices go kaput or disappear I can access my Gmail from a new device and utilize a one time code to get back in. It’s a simple and elegant solution.

Our business lives as well as our personal lives revolve around email to such an extent that any security measures you can easily implement are well worth looking into.

What security measures are you using to protect information? Read further here:

90% of Gmail Users Are Not Properly Protecting Accounts


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